VoIP & Cloud

We offer great pricing on business VoIP phone service, fiber internet and other cloud solutions.

Data Protection

We build a fortress for your digital information, keeping them safe from prying eyes and unexpected data loss.


We enjoy playing chess with hackers, always one step ahead, protecting your business 24/7.

IT Support

We have a dedicated team to support all your technology when you need IT.

Best Managed IT Support, Cybersecurity, Business VoIP in El Paso, TX


Who We Are

In the fast-paced world of technology, it's crucial to have a reliable IT partner to keep your business running smoothly. GCS IT LLC is your trusted source for comprehensive IT solutions, providing expert services in computer support, cybersecurity, networking, and telecommunications. With our deep understanding of business needs and current technology trends, we'll help you optimize your IT infrastructure to achieve your goals and exceed expectations.


20+ Years Experience

We keep IT working for you

GCS IT LLC is a team of IT consultants with years of experience in providing the best IT support and services in El Paso, TX. We partner with our local small businesses to scale and grow our community.

  • Locally owned, here in El Paso!
  • Professional, Trustworthy and Courteous team

Give us a call - we are here to help.


Free Consultation

Schedule time with one of our IT consultants today! Free quotes. No obligation.

Work Process

How we help your business
GROW and become more SUCCESSFUL

GCS IT believes customer service is #1. We make IT easy, so that we can deliver the best services to your business.

IT Consultation

Our IT consultants will meet with you and learn about your needs and critical operations that are important to you and your business.

IT Assessment

Our IT engineers will develop an exceptional plan of action to reach your goals and help your business grow.

IT Plan Review

Your IT consultant will review the IT plan with you and answer all of your questions.

Let’s Make IT Happen

Onboarding begins! Your dedicated IT team is ready and begins implementation of services to you and your business.

Question and Answer

Why Choose GCS IT?

How reliable is GCS IT?

Our team is available for you every day and our systems monitor your business 24/7, so you can sleep easy at night, knowing your business is taken care of.

How's your Customer Service?

GCS IT strives to be the best at customer service. We understand that customer service is the experience you get when working with us. We make IT easy for you.

Is IT affordable?

Yes! Working with an IT provider like GCS IT can have many benefits besides tech support and IT services. We bring an enormous amount of value with us, which can help your business grow.

Managed IT Plans

Managed IT pricing is based per Seat. A Seat is typically an individual within your organization that would be benefiting from Managed IT services.

  • Cybersecurity

    $25 / Per Seat

  • Cyber Security Suite
  • Files Data Backup
  • Discounted Remote Support
  • Premium Support & Security

    $75 / Per Seat

  • Includes Cybersecurity
  • Onsite & Remote Support
  • Vender Management
  • Dedicated IT Team
  • Monthly Reporting
  • IT Consulting
  • Professional Office Suite

    $100 / Per Seat

  • Includes Premium Support & Security
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business
  • Email & Web Hosting
  • VoIP Phone Service
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