MSP Benefits for Insurance Agencies

Managed service providers (MSPs) for many businesses, are thought of as a type of Insurance, but why is that? Insurance is an entity that is present just in case you need it, but managed services are a service you’ll actually use more often. There are different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that can be written quite similarly to an Insurance policy, but it is up to you as a Business Owner to know what coverage you’re paying for. Let’s take a look at what advantages and benefits GCS can provide to your insurance agency.

The Service Level Agreement

The SLA is a contract between you and the MSP. This contract specifies how the MSP will respond to your needs. Without an MSP, your IT department will handle it when they can get around to it; when they get the parts ordered, or when you pay extra overtime for them to work on the weekends. GCS not only takes care of the hassles of down time, but also use special monitoring application tools to ensure they have a head’s up on problems before they happen and cause issues. With an SLA in place, you can guarantee when a problem occurs that it will be fixed immediately.  GCS will keep an eye on equipment to ensure it all stays maintained but also ensures efficiency of the entire company, thus leading to increased productivity. There is a good chance that any issues that occur, can be fixed without causing any problems for your employees.

Monthly Premium

 Just like insurance, an MSP requires a fixed monthly payment for services. This is where the hang up comes from for many insurance companies that have not yet taken advantage of MSP services. Yes, there is a billable monthly fee. A fee you know is going to come out, which makes it easy to plan for. That means you get your money’s worth. Is it possible you won’t use the service beyond the initial setup period? Highly unlikely. If you need applications installed or upgraded, new hardware, or an increase in computer workstations, then it could all be taken care of. GCS is not just about maintenance and taking care of things when they break, but rather, they work proactively most of the time.

Find the Right MSP

It is important to find the right MSP for your Business.; they are taking control of all your data, and you need to make sure you have the peace of mind behind your decision. Find a reputable managed service provider. GCS is familiar with the needs of Insurance Companies, is HIPAA oriented, and achieves excellence in Cyber Security by restricting and protecting access to your client data. MSPs are a much better way to go than hiring new IT personnel when it is time to upgrade your system, fix something that is malfunctioning, or when deciding on a new IT infrastructure for your company. Certainly, you do not want to fall into the trap of asking some random guy in HR to do your computer work.

Losing Patience

 “I don’t have time for this!” That’s what most insurance agents think when they experience issues with technology that was supposed to make their lives easier, the job more efficient, and the business thrive.  GCS can manage all of the platforms and workflows that make up your agency’s technology infrastructure; we can also help these platforms work together more efficiently.

  • Increase efficiency- Are there ways to automate some of the processes that your team is spending hours on? We can help you increase productivity.
  • Decrease your risk- Do you have a business continuity plan? (Would your business be able to continue after a disaster?) We can help with Backup Solutions and much more.
  • Improve Compliance- Does your field require Compliance? We can help your office get HIPAA Compliant in order to build rapport and to avoid audit fines.
  • Keep your Agency Thriving- Outsourcing, coupled with cloud computing, has become the great equalizer, enabling small to medium size agencies to compete with the bigger companies in the market.
  • Increase the speed of Implementation- Having an MSP can help you roll out any new technology, whether it is on-site or in the cloud.
  • Reduce IT Costs- We can find and fix the gaps, then customize a plan catered to your business needs that will reduce overall IT costs and save you money.


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