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When we talk about telecommunications, the focus is always on the benefits users are going to enjoy using and how the features are going to make things easier & completely change how users think about VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems. What you don’t often hear about is that not all installments go as smoothly as you’d hope– more often than providers would like to admit. It might be that audio quality isn’t clear, the calls sound staticy or suffer from constant buffering,  calls frequently drop in the middle of meetings or during a simple phone transfer; the list goes on and on. It is to be expected that the phone system department technicians are very quick to denounce any fault on their network end and point the finger at the I.T. when their services don’t perform as promised or expected. The truth is that often, it’s because corporate networks haven’t been properly assessed for VoIP readiness to identify potential issues that impact service quality. The corporate side of voip phones is not made for small to medium sized businesses, but rather larger enterprise level businesses. GCS strives to help its users overcome that pesky obstacle with a new VOIP phone system that works better and saves you money! There is nothing worse than getting locked into a contract for phone systems that do not work; it affects workflow, productivity, and you have to keep paying an arm and a leg for the barley there service. Not to worry; we can assist you in implementing the whole process. We help transfer the phone numbers to the new voip phones & guide you. A really great benefit is that if you are under our Managed I.T. Services, we deal with it all so that it is hassle free for you.

GCS IT Business Assessments  

  • Businesses are using technology systems more and more that help their business run in numerous ways. We make sure that these technologies are optimized for efficiency, so your business can continue to grow and be profitable. An in-depth IT Business Assessment helps determine the areas that are lacking and if you are using the right technologies and processes; if not, we help develop a specific plan for your business needs to implement what needs to be done to increase business productivity, security and efficiency, using the latest technology.

Business VoIP Phone Systems

  • We help simplify your business phone service systems with a single, seamless source for your voice communication. We can implement a streamlined system for offices that connect each office with call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, and call routing. Quickly connect new employees with the touch of a button so they can hit the ground running. If need be, calls can be forwarded enabling your office members to answer phone calls from their mobile devices, so they can stay reachable even while they’re on the road or out of the office.

Managed IT Services

  • Managed service providers have a collaborative relationship that offers your business the ability to implement more efficient processes and technologies; as a result, this can also reduce your overall  IT costs significantly as a whole. Companies that choose this route find that it frees up their time for more important tasks. As a user, management can be removed from the daily increase in complexity in the server room & IT related processes such as: advanced infrastructure, networking, cloud computing, virtualization, and protecting all the systems from cyber attacks.

IT Support For Your Business

  • Technology is great for business and everyday life; however, when technology is outdated, misconfigured, or just acting weird and not working as it should, this could lead to frustrations and more importantly, downtime, lost productivity, and lost revenue for your business! We strive to help your business get your technology and IT processes setup and working properly. In times of need where you don’t have the time or the know-how to handle technology issues, GCS steps in to the rescue! We pride ourselves in providing prompt, fast service so that you have IT support when you need it the most.

HIPAA Compliance

  • Are you a health care provider/covered entity? We are experienced in working with medical facilities and processes. Working with a HIPAA oriented IT Provider is critical to the security of PHI, avoidance of HIPAA violation fines against your practice, and business continuity. Delivering remediation for mandatory protective measures ensures you will be HIPPA compliant. Although, old fashioned faxes & phone calls do not need to be HIPAA compliant; VoIP technology does require HIPAA compliance because faxes and voices are being converted into PHI data, giving rise to concerns about security and patient confidentiality of sensitive patient healthcare information; also known as EPHI, or Electronic Protected Health Information.

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