Businesses Thrive with Managed IT!

Managed Service Providers, or MSP’s, have a collaborative relationship that offers your business the ability to implement more efficient processes and technologies. This can also reduce your overall  I.T. costs significantly as a whole. 

Many businesses have at least one IT person dedicated to handling all of the vast array of IT issues; others have no IT support of any kind. The idea of having at least 1 “tech guy” is for him/her to work on projects that creates and adds more value for the business. But, this position has transformed along with the advances of computer technology; it is a position where the IT guy is putting out fires all day, trying to keep users productive and their technology up and running smoothly. Also, time is spent performing tasks that are routine just to upkeep your technology systems.

Improve Your Business IT Infrastructure

Adding a new hire will go up in costs such as salary increase & higher employer taxes. Here, we show you an easy solution that will ensure reduced costs, improved IT, using the cloud and many other tools we can provide to fix any bottlenecks your business may be struggling with.


  1. Instead of hiring someone, hire an MSP such as GCS IT; Companies that take this route find that it frees their IT person for more important tasks than system maintenance. This is not to say that computer system maintenance is unimportant, but it can be automated. Once it is automated, it still requires monitoring. This is one job that makes sense to outsource to an MSP; as an end user, management would be removed from the daily increase in complexity in the server room and IT territory as a whole that includes advanced infrastructure, cloud computing, virtualization, and cyber security to protect from cyber hack attacks.
  2. Already have your IT department? There’s always room for improvement.  Think of it this way- you have your IT focusing on their own daily tasks as it is; the focus changes from emergency help to reduce your IT costs and improve the productivity by custom IT projects designed specifically and catered for your business. We recommend that each project is documented to show just how much money we’ve saved you on a monthly/annual basis. Each project should be ranked by increased value and money saved. Now, you can get to tackling all of your goals. MSP’s can make things easier for the IT person as well; an example is to find out which of their daily tasks can be automated or handed over to us to take care of. We are Technology Partners- We work with you, and make IT work for you!
  3. Benefits of using Cloud Backups: The cloud is a tool that backs up (makes copies) of all of your most important files; it is backed up in real time so that if and when disaster hits, your information can be easily and quickly restored, as if nothing ever happened. We cannot stress the importance of back ups enough; if your files are your business, they absolutely need to be backed up. Not only will this provide you peace of mind, but also ensures the safety of your business staying afloat by having a Disaster Recovery Plan in place.


Did you know?  Any business that handles PHI or Protected Health Information, is required by law to be HIPAA compliant. The most common mistake a practice makes in trying to become compliant with HIPAA is thinking that HIPAA training is enough or that as set of policies in a three ringed binder is sufficient. According to the Department of Health & Human Services, 70% of health care businesses are not  HIPAA compliant, while 79% of all audits result in failure!

4. Working with a HIPAA Oriented MSP
As the leading Managed Service Provider in El Paso, TX,  we help provide an effective HIPAA compliance solution for Covered Entities. GCS understands that all around protection is extremely important for your business to thrive; that’s why we offer several excellent solutions that will provide business continuity as well as peace of mind, business growth, & ensure that your business keeps moving forward.


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