Reliable Backups For Business

Most businesses rely heavily on data to run their business. Losing critical data usually involves expensive recovery costs, down-time, lost profits, decreased customer loyalty….etc. Don’t be without a properly configured backup solution!

Our backup solutions are managed and maintained by professional GCS Backup experts. This means you will have a reliable backup of all your business critical data!

Bare Metal Backup

Ideal for health care providers and medical offices. GCS Backup solutions are secured with military grade 256-bit encryption and has built-in ransomware detection! Other security features include password protected backups and file name encryption.

GCS Backup solutions help protect your PHI (protected health information) from the increasingly vast array of new cyber threats from hackers, malware, and the business-killer…ransomware!

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Not all businesses need the same backup plan. GCS Backup solutions are customized for your business needs and offer both Cloud and Local backups of your business data for added security. Storing your data onsite and offsite creates the added benefit of redundancy and also allows for recovery or restore of data from Local backups much faster.

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